Tesla Showcasing Model Y Outside Fremont Seat Factory

Outside of the Fremon Seat factory, Tesla kept a Model Y on showcase for empployees. The company has held the Blue colored Model Y at Fremont Seat Factory, just three miles away from the Main factory in California. The same deep metallic blue car that was kept on Stage while the launch event and test driving purpose is held outside the factory for a closer look. Many of the Tesla employees shared the closer looks of the car on Reddit and other social sites.

The prototype Model Y is fitted with Chrome-Delete fittings, which is standard for Factory-Made vehicles from Tesla. All of the electric crossovers from Tesla have the option of Black alloy wheels. This time, the Model Y will have an additional $1,500 option for Sporty Silver alloy wheels. The option will be made available on online configuration panel while pre-ordering the vehicle and also the option is available for Model 3 cars. As of now, the final production location is not confirmed by Tesla as the company is confused between two places. In the Q1 2019 earnings announcement, Elon Musk said that the company might consider Nevada factory for the production of the vehicle.

As of now, the Fremont, California factory of Tesla is busy producing the Model S, Model 3 and Model X cars. The production line is full of these cars, and there is no space left on the production floor for Model Y. The Model Y cars will have the highest-production rate when they go on sale in the coming months. Currently, Model 3 has the highest production value. The production is not expected to start anytime sooner than late 2020. The deliveries to all of the people who pre-ordered the vehicles will begin shortly after the start of production.