Seattle Children Hospital Locks Down 10 Operating Rooms Due to Massive Mold Outbreak

seattle children hospital locks down 10 operating rooms due to massive mold outbreak

Seattle Children Hospital has closed down 10 of its operating rooms after six people have died due to mold outbreak. People have blamed hospital authorities for not identifying the link between the infection and the air-handling units of its surgery rooms. The officials have decided to install a new air filtration system in the hospital to prevent more fatalities linked to the disease. As per the reports, around 14 people have been diagnosed with aspergillus surgical site infections between 2001 and 2018. Six people out of 14 have lost their lives while fighting the infection. Jeff Sperring, the CEO of the hospital has admitted that the recent cases of mold infection are connected to air handling units of his hospital.

Hospital authority has confirmed that they will install two custom-built air handlers and in-room HEPA air filtration systems in all operating rooms of the hospital to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the patients. The HEPA filtration system is designed to remove 99.97 percent of all particles from the air, which circulate through the filter and infect the patients. The hospital board has claimed that this is the best kind of air filtration system available in the health sector. The CEO of the hospital has apologized to the people who have been affected by the aspergillus infection. The state health department has asserted that it has been a constant problem in the Seattle Children Hospital. In 2018, a surgeon had claimed that wreckage had fallen from an air diffuser on a patient’s open abdomen during the surgery.

The installation of the new air diffuser systems is going to be completed by January 2020. Aspergillus is a fungal infection caused by a mold found both indoors and outdoors. People suffering from weaker immune system are at higher risk of developing such kind of illness. People with lung disease are prone to catch the infection as well. Aspergillosis functions like Pneumonia when it is present in the lungs. Three operational surgery rooms are still available in the hospital, which will continue to function during the shutdown. However, some of critical cases are being referred to other hospitals. Health professionals hope that with the new air diffusers, they will be able to control the growing cases of a mold outbreak.

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