Researchers Find A Never-Seen-Before Mineral from A Meteorite

Researchers Find A Never-Seen-Before Mineral from A Meteorite

Scientists have always been interested in finding meteorites and analyzing the minerals present in the major composition. There have also been efforts to collect data from some of the meteorites that exist outside the reachability zone. Now, however, a group of researchers have come across a unique form of mineral from the Wedderburn meteorite. The scientists have in fact discovered 31 new carbon minerals during a research attempt that spanned between 2015 and 2019. Edscottite, which was found within the remains of meteorite, however, has surprised a lot of geologists and scientists across the world.

Edscottite is something that can be synthetically made, but the surprise factor is that something like this has been found on a meteorite. The scientists who examined the samples are still unaware about the origin of the minerals. One of the contentions is that the mineral was made while the meteorite was in the space. It should be noted that the Wedderburn, the meteorite in question, was found way back in 2015. Ever since, scientists have been analyzing the same for minerals and the presence of other materials inside. According to a report by The Age, the meteorite is from the core of another planet.

One of the accepted theories is that the core comes from a very heated up planet. This planet is then said to have travelled across the space before getting collided by another astronomical body. Whatever the earth has seen under the collection of the Wedderburn meteorite would be what was left in the collision, according to the experts. It is also said that the meteorite is the culmination point of the debris and that is why this one meteorite contains so many variants of carbon minerals. The scientific community would be looking into the matter further to find more contextual data of the elements.

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