Pulmonary Hypertension treated by Bioelectronic medicine

Pulmonary Hypertension treated by Bioelectronic medicine

Pulmonary Hypertension is a rare but severe disease related to pulmonary vessels that may cause heart failure and death. Researchers found other options to treat Hypertension by using Bioelectronic medicine instead of traditional drugs. Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) is related to blockages in arteries to heart, so treatment must be done with utmost care. Current treatment for Hypertension includes different drugs and therapies. Traditional drugs are used to treat this disease, but they are very powerful and often lead to severe side-effects. On the other hand, these drugs are very expensive plus they don’t prove useful to everyone.

Pulmonary Hypertension is different from regular high blood pressure. The common symptom noticed in PAH is shortness of breath, and as time goes, it becomes very difficult to breathe. Bioelectronic medicine is a new technology to treat various severe diseases. Bioelectronic devices used to diagnose disease by monitoring different electrical activities in the nervous system of the patient’s body. Bioelectronic devices interact with the central and peripheral nervous systems. The treatment of Pulmonary Hypertension includes the study of vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), which is particularly responsible for cardiovascular disorder and arterial hypertension. As per a study, stimulation of the vagus nerve suppresses inflammation and widens the blood vessels in the lung. Widening of blood vessels clears the blood channel from the heart to the lungs. According to Dr. Zanos, the study and treatment of PAH by VNS have shown positive effects and also can maintain autonomic balance within the body.

Bioelectronics medicines have the potential to target the abnormal biological process specifically. Bioelectronic medicine proves to the best treatment to normalize the function of the heart without any other severe side-effects. Most of the medical institutes and doctors mainly focus on the study of Bioelectronic medicines as the most important approach to treat severe diseases. If Pulmonary hypertension is not treated, patients may have a risk of death due to heart failure. Treating patients through Biomedical Medicine proves to be a new era in the field of healthcare and medicine.

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