Novartis and Microsoft collaborated for transforming medicine with AI technology

novartis and microsoft collaborated for transforming medicine with ai technology

Novartis has taken an essential step in reimagining medicine. The company has founded the Novartis AI innovation lab. The company has strategically partnered with Microsoft as it’s as AI and data-science partner. The new lab with Novartis AI capabilities helps in commercialization. And accelerate the discovery and development of transformative medicines. Novartis International AG is a Switzerland based pharmaceutical company. The company is focusing on medications company which offers advanced therapies and data science. Data science and digital technologies allow the company to innovates in research and development. The company engages with patients and customers as well as helps in increasing operational efficiencies. The company’s strategic collaboration between Novartis and Microsoft has committed to a multi-year research and development effort for AI empowerment.

The lab objective is to bring the power of artificial intelligence to the desktop of the company. This is done by collaborating large amounts of Novartis data with Microsoft’s advanced artificial intelligence solutions. This, in return, develops new AI applications and models, which wave new challenges in field of medicine. The lab will utilize the power of artificial intelligence. This is for tackling few hardest computational challenges within the life sciences sector. These include image segmentation & analysis for smart, generative chemistry, and others. The Novartis company CEO said that these two company alliance would help to deliver purpose. The objective of the company is to reimagine medicine for improving and extending patients’ quality of life.

The Novartis and Microsoft collaborate to develop and apply next-generation the new AI platforms and processes. This will support future programs across many areas. The investment in this project will include project subject matter experts, technology, tools, funding, and others. Joint research activities are established in the Novartis Campus located in Switzerland. Some of the other locations are Novartis Global Service Centre located Dublin and Microsoft Research Lab, which is in the United Kingdom.

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