New 16 inch MacBook Pro is facing sound cracking and popping problems

New 16 inch MacBook Pro is facing sound cracking and popping problems

Apple released the new 16-inch MacBook Pro in November this year. The new 16-inch MacBook is the replacement for their original 15-inch MacBook pro. Apple also changed their keyboard mechanism after receiving complaints about the butterfly keyboard. The company dealt with the keyboard issue. However, MacBook users are reporting the new concern about sound cracking. Many people reported this issue online. Users are hearing a popping or a cracking sound after audio stops playing on their 16-inch MacBook pro. Some of the users posted the video showing the sound cracking issue on Apple’s discussion forum. Moreover, many users are asking if the problem is with hardware or software.

According to MacRumors, Apple company itself is admitting the sound cracking issue on the newest 16-inch MacBook pro. Apple is currently investigating a popping sound problem in 16-inch MacBook and is planning to fix the problem in the next software update. Also, MacRumors shared an internal memo with Apple Authorized service providers that talks in detail about the sound popping problem. According to the memo, when using Final cut Pro, QuickTime player or any other music/Video application working on sound features produces cracking sound after playback ends. Apple is planning to fix the issue very soon in software updates. The memo also reads that users should not replace their MacBook Pro, as the problem is software related and can be fixed with software updates.

Many customers reported the sound cracking issue on a 16-inch MacBook pro shortly after its release.  Users took their concerns online on Reddit, MacRumors, and Apple support community. Moreover, the sound cracking issue is not specific to the apps mentioned in the memo. Many users experienced the same sound cracking with YouTube, chrome, SoundCloud, and Safari. Apple did not talk about the exact software issue. However, they confirmed fixing the bug in the next software update. The fix date of this software update release is unknown yet. Users need to wait for this software update. Meanwhile, users can try temporary solutions that other users are suggesting.

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