Instagram Rolls Out Following Categories Feature To Clean Up Following List

Instagram Rolls Out Following Categories Feature To Clean Up Following List

Popular photo and video sharing app Instagram has rolled out a new feature to clean up the following list. The feature enhances the way to look at who users follow. The new feature is called the Following Categories. It helps users to group their following list into different categories. The categories are – accounts you see most often; accounts you least interact with; accounts sorted by earliest to latest followed. The Facebook-owned app made the announcement through its official Twitter account. Instagram said it used data from the past 90 days to create different categories. The app measured users’ actions such as liking posts, reacting to stories and also calculated interactions.

To access the new Following Categories feature, users will have to just tap Following. Their users will see the option to group the accounts in the different categories. Instagram will then automatically sort the accounts under two categories — least interacted with and most shown in the feed. The third option helps users to sort accounts followed recently and those followed earliest. It has three categories – sort by default, date followed latest, and date followed earliest. Instagram said the latest feature is aimed at helping users to filter the noise from their feed and ensure the content shown in their feed remains relevant.

Instagram has been persistent in improving users’ experience and recommending shunning using third-party apps to avoid leakage of data. The company is rolling out the new feature gradually. In case, you don’t get to see the feature in your app, try force closing the app and restarting. The feature is available to iOS users. The feature is not shown up yet on Android devices. The latest feature is just another move to enhance the Instagram scrolling experience. Meanwhile, it is being reported that Instagram is experimenting with removing public ‘like’ counts on posts. The company said it has already started trying out on the US users. However, most accounts in the US still have the public like counts on posts.

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