India Finally Issues Acknowledgment of Craft Crash Following a Failed Moon Landing

India Finally Issues Acknowledgment of Craft Crash Following a Failed Moon Landing

If you look back to September 2019, the high hopes in every Indian for a record creation conclusively ended. All hearts stopped when there was news of the Chandrayaan-2 orbiter traveling to space. The spaceship was supposed to send down a landing vehicle to the Moon. The hopes were extremely high because the success of such an initiative would have made global records.

The initiative would have been the first-ever robotic mission that could cover the South Pole of the Moon. It would also mean that India would have been listed as the fourth ever country to make a moon landing successful. However, the whole story had an unfortunate end, and the scientists of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) denied any comments regarding the failure. They tried to keep away from media attention by just saying that there was an unfortunate loss of contact with the spaceship and that they are analyzing the statistics and data. Finally, last Wednesday, The Government of India has turned up to the situation and issued a report addressing the public. They said the cause of failure was the crashing of the brakes of the Vikram Lander that lead to the entire malfunction.

The scientists are saying that during the second descending phase, the velocity reduction did not occur as planned, and was much higher. Such deviation was the reason that caused a massive malfunction during the initial stage of the fine braking phase. The reports were publicly issued by the Minister of the Department of Space, Jitendra Singh. He leads the Department, which is also the apex body under which ISRO functions. The recent statement is the first one issued from the Government front since the unfortunate took place. If you look back to the last, we got any news about Chandrayaan-2 was on September 10th. It was days after the moon landing was supposed to take place.  

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