Hideo Kojima Is Trying To Create Another Scariest Video Game

hideo kojima is trying to create another scariest video game

When it comes to horror games, PT tops the list, which is a terrifying game, yet people like to play it. Hideo Kojima, the famous developer of PT and other horror games, said he is watching horror movies to awaken his horror souls. In previous interviews, Hideo said that he troubles while watching horror movies, and that’s why he has decided to go with it. Hideo told that this thing helps him to awaken his horror spirit, which might help him to create another scariest video game for gamers. The popularity of PT hasn’t been declined, and it’s considered as one of the most horrifying games by the majority of players. Hideo Kojima tweeted about his current happening and said he is trying to watch horror movies, which will help him to develop another great game. Currently, he mentioned that he is watching The Eye movie, which is quite frightening and tops the list of a terrifying film of all time.

Hideo mentioned in his tweet that the cover pic of The Eye movie is quite terrifying, and he is expecting some great experience from it. People are still not gotten over the PT plus its scary characters, and Hideo has started to create another similar game. The reports show that in new updates to PT, Lisa is always stalking players in the game, and recently a YouTuber found an undiscovered scene from PT. In that scene, Lisa is seen to be decapitated in the bathtub, which makes this game more horrifying than anyone’s expectations and imagination. Hideo Kojima is undoubtedly one of the smartest developers in the gaming industry. He is trying to make a comeback again with a completely new theme based horror game. However, it will be interesting to see how Hideo will surprise everyone with his new game.

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