Google Extends Incident Report Feature to iPhone Users

Google Extends Incident Report Feature to iPhone Users

The United States based search giant Google has extended its incident report feature for iPhone users worldwide. The feature enables one to report road mishaps like car accidents, speed traps and obstacles using mobile phones. The company had introduced the feature on Android earlier this year. The feature proved to be very beneficial for people on Android as it allowed them to share real time data related to road incidents and also effectively contribute to traffic slowdown information on Google Maps. This is the first time that iPhone users can also share traffic slowdown data on Google Maps, thus helping millions. The Google decided to extend the feature to iOS mobile platform after it received overwhelming support from Android users.

Google Maps Product Manager Sandra Tseng said that the company is excited to expand this incident report feature to iOS and expects response from iPhone users similar to Android. The official said that the company was first adding the ability for users to report crashes, speed traps and traffic slowdowns from their iPhone. Sandra said that the feature has proved to be very beneficial for people on Android.

To make the incident report feature more significant, the company, Sandra said, has added four new types of road incidents that one can report easily using the facility. They are construction, lane closures, disabled vehicles, and objects on the road. The company feels that this will help provide more accurate information to people and help them plan trip accordingly. With the latest additions, the Google Maps users have now seven options to share real time data about traffic. This comes in the backdrop of Google Maps announcement about new enhancements in its application to help visually-impaired people to navigate more easily. The app now has added features to offer more detailed voice assistance and new types of verbal announcements to visually-impaired users. Currently, it is available in English in the United States and Japanese in Japan for Google Maps users on Android and iOS.

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