GM Announced Partnership with Amazon to Install Virtual Assistant in Cars

gm announced partnership with amazon to install virtual assistant in cars

Amazon’s Alexa will soon assist you while driving a car. Yes, you got it right, and a partnership will make it possible. General Motors aims to form an alliance with Amazon to install Alexa in its vehicles. The automobile company is appending Amazon’s voice assistant in its Buick, GMC, Chevrolet, and Cadillac vehicles. The carmaker will start working on the project in the first six months of 2020. Thus General Motors has planned to integrate the famous voice assistant into millions of its vehicles, including those from 2018. GM is not the first company before this, many companies have partnered with Jeff Bezo’s company for integrating Alexa in in-vehicle infotainment. The list includes Toyota, Ford, BMW, and Audi. Before the announcement of GM, Audi has recently announced the inclusion of Alexa in its cars.

Notably, not all of the companies mentioned above have promised the assistant in every model. For now, customers will get the Alexa update by using their car’s 4G LTE connectivity along with an upgradable app interface. GM says it will use Amazon SDK to obtain standard features of Alexa. Even more, the automobile maker aims to create custom skills in the coming years. Once available, Alexa will assist drivers in navigating, in making phone calls, or play music. Apart from this, the infotainment system will have another feature which will allow drivers to connect with another Echo device. In other words, one can link up with the device at home, and notify Alexa to switch on lights or set the temperature.

Santiago Chamorro, GM’s VP of Global Connected Services, said the deal would raise the best of two fantastic companies. He said they have listened to the consumers and they wish to carry the voice assistant into their vehicles. As per officials, both companies will share the voice commands. As of today, financial details of the alliance are not available. Besides, GM has denied commenting on probable costing for the in-vehicle Alexa app. Maybe, the carmaker will release additional information at the time of launching the service.

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