Foods which contain less than 50 calories

foods which contain less than 50 calories

While losing weight, one is conscious about the calorie intake, so tracking the calorie intake is the obvious way to measure the calorie intake. But it is virtually impossible to track the calorie intake of every food item consumed. Consuming more calories than required may lead to several health issues such as gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, etc. It is important that fewer and healthy calories are consumed, which will fulfill all the dietary and nutritional needs. There are ten foods that contain less than 50 calories.

Mushrooms are low in calories; also, their meaty texture will help you to satisfy your hunger fast. Also, the mushroom is called a secret food for weight loss since they are low in calories but high in fiber. An ‘Apricot’ is a sweet, juicy, and also the most preferred snack in summer. Egg whites are the most popular food types which are consumed in the process of weight loss. There about 20 calories in one egg white. Egg white is also rich in proteins and is an excellent dietary food to gear up the weight loss process. Plums have anti-diabetic and anti-obesity properties and also contain compounds that function in the cells to protect against aging & disease.

Okra contains a substance called mucilage, which is advantageous to speed up digestion. The mucilage holds the toxic acid that the liver releases into the digestive system and reduces it from the body. Raisins are sweet food items which are low in calories and are used to weight loss. Raisins provide antioxidants that maintain a robust immune system in the body. Oysters contain low cholesterol & calories & also they are rich in protein. Oysters are a rich source of iodine, iron zinc, calcium, copper, & potassium. Kiwi is a rich source of Vitamin C & helps for a night of better sleep. Cantaloupe is filled with antioxidants & contains a lot of vitamins & minerals that can help prevent eye problems. Tomatoes can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, & heart disease. These are some of the healthy foods which are both tasty and also contain nutritional factors that are fit for the body.  It is not only important that one eats less calories but also make sure that these healthy calories fulfill all our dietary & nutritional needs.

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