Colonization on Mars is not a dream anymore

Colonization on Mars is not a dream anymore

Colonizing Mars which was once a dream, but now these ideas are taking long strides toward being a reality. In fact, scientists are currently working on devising ways to make self-sufficient Mars colony. If we consider recent studies, then this self-sufficiency will be depending on insects and high-calorie crops cultivated in tunnels. Planetary scientist, Kevin Cannon, talk to and according to him, it appears that food will be the biggest challenge up there. He also spoke about all the good work he and his team at the University of Central Florida are doing regarding Mars Civilization.

The concept of Mars colonization majorly focuses on making this colony self-sufficient instead of making one that is reliant on imports. As, energy can be produced locally, by either using solar installations or nuclear reactor energy is not an issue. Apparently, food is what the problem is as it cannot be produced locally. Although for future mars settlers, the good news is, that technology is advanced enough that lab-grown meat is one possibility, however, the gross part is insects will also be the part of the menu. In the interview with, Canon stated that if people neglect the gross factor than bugs are the way to go. According to the researchers, insects offer an attractive ratio between the calories these insects offers and the amount of food and water they required. This is the reason owing to which team had added cricket farms in there Mars Civilization model. According to the model, their self-sufficient Mars colony will have a population of 1 million.

Besides the packs of tiny six-legged loaded with calories, Canon’s team also included lab-grown protein in the list. According to Canon anything from fish, meat to algae is now possible to be grown in the labs plus, it is not that costly either. Further when asked why not just transport cattle and keep them for milk, meat and dairy purposes, Canon replied then not only their transportation but also feeding them on the Mars would be a challenge in itself. He further added, that soil of Mars is not like that of the earth, so even plants are needed to be grown in the tunnel.

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