A New Report Hints at Apple Launching As Many As 6 iPhone Models In 2020

A New Report Hints at Apple Launching As Many As 6 iPhone Models In 2020

Every year, the tech cycles tend to go berserk when Apple unveils its premium Smartphone aka iPhone. Before an iPhone version is released, a series of leaks pop up on the web, and some of these eventually prove to be true. The iPhone 12 launch is an essential event for the Cupertino based giant, which has been facing stiff competition from its Android rivals, which are lower priced. Several speculations on the upcoming iPhone 12 have appeared online so far. However, it is not yet clear as to how many iPhone 12 models will eventually hit the shelves. A new report has surfaced, and that indicates the company may unveil as many as 6 iPhone 12 models.

The possibility is at the speculation stage as Apple has not said anything officially on the variants for the 12th incarnation of its flagship Smartphone. The report comes from Jun Zhang – a Rosenblatt analyst. The fact is it comes almost nine months ahead of the launch, and so things may turn out to be different! Zhang thinks owing to the introduction of 5G networks; Apple will launch six models of the iPhone in 2020. The iPhone models will be launched both in 4G and 5G variants, and that is natural given the fact 5G network rollout is still at a nascent phase. Sprint’s 5G coverage is only covering nine cities in the USA as of now, and rivals like Verizon are not far different either.

The report indicates iPhone 12 will launch in varying screen sizes and specs for both 4G and 5G. A Pro and Pro Plus version will be among these 6 model lineup. This can be both good and bad for the end-users. While they will get more choices and price ranges to pick from, the abundance may make some of them confused as well. Besides, this report is somewhat different from what was published earlier by Ming-Chi Kuo, another noted Apple analyst. Kuo said in his report that all iPhone 12 models will be 5G ready. However, in all likelihood, the iPhone 12 lineup will be bigger than the existing one.

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